See behind the curtain:


Do I need a computer or a game console to use the VR headset?

No, you don't need anything. The EXCHIMP AI1 is an all-in-one virtual reality headset shipped with tons of preinstalled content. So you will be able to play hours of games or watch inspiring 360 degree videos out of the box.

Can I add more Games and Apps?

Of course. Beside the GBytes of preinstalled games and videos you will be able to install wirelessly +10.000 apps and games over Google PlayStore.

Can I develope my own VR apps and games?

That's a perfect match we would say, because our operation system enables you to easily install Unity based apps and games. Due to the fact that it's a mobile VR headset, you can use it for meetings with clients or show it your friends at the next party.